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st: Using stratified samples in STATA / giving weights

From   Thomas Klausch <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Using stratified samples in STATA / giving weights
Date   Sat, 5 Sep 2009 17:26:54 +0200

Dear list members,

I am planning to survey a stratified sample from a relatively small finite
population of which I know the size. I am not too familiar with weighting
techniques and the STATA -svy- command family, which is why I write. Maybe
somebody can give useful advice.

My popluation consists of size n=8800, with n=900 and n=7900 sized relevant
stratas. I decided to sample n=600 from each of the STRATAs since I am
particularly interested in estimates from the smaller strata.

My knowledge about weighting tells me that this gives rise to weights of
approx. .20 for the small strata and approx. 1.80 for the large strata. In
SPSS I would know how to use the weights function, as there is only one.
STATA provides several weight options -fweight-, -pweight-, -aweight- and
-iweight-. I have tested in STATA that it gives the same estimates using
-iweight- than SPSS does using the WEIGHT BY command.

My first question is if -iweight- is reasonable to use for my case when
estimating regression models (in particular logistic panel models).
My second question is whether there is a, maybe better, way to use the
options provided in the -svy- command family to specify the survey design.
maybe there is also a third way I do not know of.

If anybody could give advice or further reference for detailed information
on -svy- I'd appreciate it a lot.

Many thanks


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