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st: R: Adjusted kaplan Meier Curves

From   "Carlo Lazzaro" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: R: Adjusted kaplan Meier Curves
Date   Thu, 3 Sep 2009 18:47:49 +0200

Dear Deepa,
your different graphs are not surprising, since they are based on different
models or functions related to survival analysis.

The following code only allow you to plot KM curves (please, see -help sts-
from within Stata):

1.  sts graph,  by( age_cat) adjustfor (age_cat gender).

For further details on this topic, I will recommend you to take a look at:
Cleves MA, Gould WG, Gutierrez R. An Introduction To Survival Analysis Using
Stata. Revised edition. College Station: StataPress, 2004; 
[ST] Stata manual. Survival analysis and epidemiological table. Release 9 

Two other relevant contributors of the Statalist - Maarten Buis
(  and Stephen Jenkins
published really interesting papers as well as teaching-notes on Survival

HTH and Kind Regards,

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Inviato: giovedì 3 settembre 2009 18.03
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Oggetto: st: Adjusted kaplan Meier Curves

Dear all,

I have been asked to plot Kaplan meier curve  adjusted for age, gender
etc by three age categories.
When I was searching for a code to plot this type of graph,  I found
three different codes.

1.  sts graph,  by( age_cat) adjustfor (age_cat gender)

2. stcox  age_cat sex , basesurv(S)
stcurve, survival at1(age_cat=0) at2(age_cat=1) at3(age_cat=2)

3. akapm   _t  _d, with( age_cat) by( age_cat)

I tried these three codes, but the graphs look very different from each

What is the difference between these three codes?

Which one is the right code to create Kaplan meier curve  adjusted for

 Thanks for your consideration.

 Deepa Aggarwal

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