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RE: st: adoupdate question

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: adoupdate question
Date   Tue, 30 Jun 2009 19:06:24 +0100

While this evidently works for -gologit2-, it is emphatically not a
universal solution for reasons explained in the FAQ I referred to
earlier in this thread. 

In essence, -version- is not a time machine, just a flag to Stata that
some features of some commands are until further notice within a program
to run as they used to under a certain version. Even less is -version-
an incantation that solves all version difficulties! 


Richard Williams

As a sidelight, my gologit2 program was written for Stata 8.2, but 
when 9 came out I wanted it to also support some of the new 
properties.  So, the opening code is like this:

capture program gologit2, eclass byable(recall) sortpreserve ///
         properties(swml or rrr irr hr eform)
         if `c(stata_version)' < 9 program gologit2, eclass 
byable(recall) sortpreserve

         if `c(stata_version)' < 9 {
                 version 8.2
         else {
                 version 9

I don't know if that is good programming practice, but it seems to work!

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