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Re: st: Stata 11 Announcement

From (William Gould, StataCorp LP)
Subject   Re: st: Stata 11 Announcement
Date   Fri, 26 Jun 2009 10:04:04 -0500

Richard Williams <> wrote, 

> I wonder if any user-written post-estimation commands will get 
> zapped...factor variables especially sound like they might zap 
> something that was looking for the actual variables used, but maybe not.

Richard is right in suspecting there are changes in how estimation
results are stored.  Under version control, however, results are
stored just as they have always been and, usually, there's no issue
anyway, so you don't even have to run under version control.  To use
the commands with factor variables, however, they will have be updated.

Here are the details:

    1.  Existing (as of this date) user-written post-estimation
        commands (henceforth "older commands") will not work when
        factor variables are specified in the model.  Older commands
        will have to be updated so that they understand factor

    2.  Older commands mostly work fine when factor variables are not 
        specified in the model, even without specifying -version 10- 
        in front of them.

        Stata 11 marks dropped variables in estimation commands just
        as we have always marked them in -regress-.  The change is
        that we are now using the -regress- method for all estimation
        commands.  Thus, it is when variables were dropped during 
        estimation that problems can arise.

        If the older command worked with after -regress-, it will work
        without version control.  If the older command did not work,
        if it was not intended to work after -regress-, it might work
        if there are dropped variables, and it might not.  It all 
        depends on how the programmer wrote it.  If the older command 
        does not work in the presence of dropped variables, it usually
        will still work if there are no dropped variables.

    3.  No matter what, if you run both the estimation command and the 
        older post-estimation command under version control, results
        will be just as they were in Stata 10.

-- Bill

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