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st: computing expected values for GLM with nbreg

Subject   st: computing expected values for GLM with nbreg
Date   Sat, 20 Jun 2009 22:20:50 -0400


I am running a negative binomial model - because my data are time series I 
switched to running the model through the GLM command so I could control for 
autocorrelation and heterosk. w/ HAC variance estimates. I want to compute 
expected values to make the interpretation a little more tranparent. When using 
the nbreg command previously I used clarify to get expected values. Clarify 
won't run after GLM, and looking through STATA help I see no postestimation 
command for getting expected values. Does anyone know how I might go about 
getting expected values through STATA with this set up -- would I be better of 
doing hand calculations?

Thanks for any help,
Ashlie Delshad
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