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st: RE: DHS Ghana anthropometry

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: DHS Ghana anthropometry
Date   Wed, 17 Jun 2009 21:58:38 +0100

You can divide by 100 by using -generate-: 

gen y2 = y/100  

Alternatively, you can indeed keep variables as they are and just adjust
regression coefficients after the event. 

See -help operators- for assistance on addition, subtraction and
multiplication and other similar operations. 


Tharshini Thangavelu

I was wondering if somebody can clarify which command to use for
dividing values
of a anthropometric variables by 100. 

I have 4 variables for anthropometry data and according to the
information given
by the DHS (Demograhic and health surveys)I need to divide these
variables by
100 in order to get the correct values since the anthropometry data only
contains values in the interval of [+6 -6].
If someone know which command in stata I should use to divide by 100,
please it
would be a great help. But I was also wondering if I really need to
divide the
variables by 100 since my intuitive reasoning says that I should be able
to keep
the variables as they are and once I have done the regression analysis I
then divide by 100. Does this make since or is my reasoning not valid?

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