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st:ordering variables in output of --outreg2-command

From   Mandy fu <>
Subject   st:ordering variables in output of --outreg2-command
Date   Mon, 8 Jun 2009 15:10:36 -0400

Hi all,

I met a problem of ordering the variables in the output using
--outreg2--command after OLS regressions.
In the help file of outreg2, the explanation of odering variables are
as follows:
"There are several ways to order variables in the output. The first is
to  order them when running regression. The second way is to specify
varlist   from within outreg2. The third way is to reorder the rows by
hand after the  table is created by outreg2."

I   ordered the variables in the regressions, and specified the
variables in the order I wanted to see in --outreg2--. I even tried
ordering the variables in the data set . But the order in the output
is still not neat. Here's an example of the command I used and the

** I run three regressions and want to put the outputs in one table:
.reg      y     x1-x4
.outreg2     x1-x4  using  auto2
.reg     early_y   early _x1-early_x3
 .outreg2    early_x1-early_x3  using  auto2
.reg     late_y    late_x2-late_x3
 .outreg2    late_x2-late_x3  using  auto2

**In the data set, the ordering of these varaibles are :
**y   early_y   late_y  x1-x4   early _x1-early_x3 late_x2-late_x3

***The table of output looks like this:
                           y              early_y                     late_y
x1                       $
x2                       $
x3                       $
x4                       $
early_x1                              $
early_x2                              $
early_x3                              $
late_x3                                                               $
late_x2                                                               $
(Where $ denotes the estimates results.)

Please notice the ordering of late_x3 and late_x2 is converted. Waht I
I want is to get late_x2  above late_x3 in the table. But I cannot
figured out why these two variables are presented in an order
different than what I specified in the commands.

I want to solve this problem and get the ordering of the variables
correct because my goal is to get a final product like the following
table after a little  work by hand:
                            y              early_y                     late_y
X1                       $                  $
X2                       $                  $                            $
X3                       $                  $                            $
X4                       $
I know I could correct the ordering by hand, but the problem is that I
 have a number of such tables to work on. Editing by hand is easy to
make mistakes and it also means lots of work.
I was wondering if anyone has some suggestion on this problem. Any
comments will be helpful.

Thanks very much!

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