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Re: st: graphics

From   "Michael I. Lichter" <>
Subject   Re: st: graphics
Date   Mon, 30 Mar 2009 17:06:20 -0400

The software developed by Gapminder and used in the presentation has been acquired by Google and is available (at least partly) as Motion Chart at, Google Visualization API Gadget Gallery. At first glance, it looks like you need to put your data into a Google Docs spreadsheet in order to use the tool.


Stas Kolenikov wrote:
Somebody posted this on R-help list, and I was pretty much stunned:
... for some 15 minutes until I played in their sandbox: . When is Stata doing something
like that?

Actually, I've done some fast moving graphs with Stata 7 back in 2001
or so. But with the new object-oriented graphics engine, the hope will
instead be in producing a proper movie. Matlab has been exporting
graphics into AVI for some while now, I think. At some point, I strung
a couple dozen Stata-produced eps graphs into an avi using some video
software (Adobe Premiere?). If Stata were producing JPEGs, then I'd
imagine it would be a relatively simple exercise in -file- to produce
an MJPEG video out of these. Just thinking aloud out there; may be it
is only worth a Stata tip for ten users interested rather than a
separate -graph movie- routine.

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