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Re: st: AW: computing interaction effects after xtprobit

From   Austin Nichols <>
Subject   Re: st: AW: computing interaction effects after xtprobit
Date   Fri, 27 Mar 2009 13:32:49 -0400

I.Roland and Martin Weiss <>:

I don't see an easy solution--for each obs, the full interaction
effect is the cross-partial derivative of the expected value of y
(, p.155)
which in -xtprobit- depends on the (unobserved) random effect
shows you can get the probability of a positive outcome, assuming that the
random effect for that observation's panel is zero, but not an
estimated random effect).

You could integrate over simulated random effects, I suppose...
averaging not only over obs in the sample but across many possible draws
of REs for each obs (using estimated sigma_u and rho to simulate REs;
see for some helpful technique).

SEs on these "full interaction effects" would be a pain then--perhaps
you can treat the REs as missing data, and do multiple imputation from
the distribution given by estimated sigma_u and rho, then use Rubin's
formulas to calculate SEs.

No doubt there is a better strategy, but it is not immediately obvious to me...

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 1:07 PM, Martin Weiss <> wrote:
>, page 156 says
> that you can replicate anything -ssc d inteff- does via -predictnl-.
> Martin
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> Betreff: st: computing interaction effects after xtprobit
> Hello Statalisters,
> I would like to estimate a random-effects probit that includes an
> interaction term between two continuous independent variables. After the
> command 'probit', 'inteff' can be used to compute the correct interaction
> effects. However, it does not seem to work after 'xtprobit'. Does anyone
> know how to compute interaction effects after 'xtprobit'?
> Thanks in advance!

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