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RE: st: RE: one row for each individual

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: one row for each individual
Date   Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:33:00 -0000

Whether long or wide works better depends _precisely_ on what you want
to do. You don't have to tell us, but you won't get better advice unless
you do. 


Chiara Mussida

Well, to have 1 row for each individual facilitates my analysis, since
I wanto to "build" the labour market story of every individual. And it
is better (I guess) to dispose them in a unique row...

2009/3/26 Nick Cox <>:
> I imagine this could be made to work, but it's a bad idea
> As Martin earlier signalled, -reshape- is the natural solution for
> you want.
> That said, it's not clear why you want the wide structure or form you
> ask for. Your existing long structure is best for most purposes.
> Nick
> Chiara Mussida
> Thanks Martin! Ok, but I guess I found the proper way to sort out the
> issue:
> I have 3 rows for each individual that contain individual
> characteristics + L mk info (in which I'm particularly interested)
> surveyed yearly in 3 different waves. I guess the most proper way is
> to separate my datasate into 3 files - 1 for each year - by obviously
> renaming the variables of each year. Then, with a double merge (by my
> newID) I will get the final file with 1 row for each subject.

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