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Re: st: [Graphics] how to set the length of an axis?

From   Antoine Terracol <>
Subject   Re: st: [Graphics] how to set the length of an axis?
Date   Sat, 21 Mar 2009 17:18:19 +0100

Thanks to Ulrich, Nick and all the others who answered my question, I think I met the challenge...


For anyone interrested, here is the code:


set scheme s2mono
webuse nlswork.dta, clear
g wage=exp(ln_wage)
su wage, de
drop if wage>r(p99)
gen t=(year)
g ti=t
g ti2=t^2
g ti3=t^3
qreg wage ti ti2 ti3
est store med
qreg wage ti ti2 ti3 , quantile(.95)
est store p95
qreg wage ti ti2 ti3 , quantile(.05)
est store p5

drop ti ti2 ti3
g ti=t+runiform()
g ti2=ti^2
g ti3=ti^3

est restore med
predict med
predict resmed, resid

est restore p95
predict q95
predict resq95, resid

est restore p5
predict q5
predict resq5, resid

by t, sort: egen pct25 = pctile(resmed), p(25)
by t, sort: egen pct50 = pctile(resmed), p(50)
by t, sort: egen pct75 = pctile(resmed), p(75)
egen ufence = adju(resmed), by(t)
egen lfence = adjl(resmed), by(t)

reg resq5 ti ti2 ti3
predict resq5hat

reg resq95 ti ti2 ti3
predict resq95hat

sum wage, meanonly
gen wageclass = autocode(wage,32,r(min),r(max))
by t wageclass, sort: gen wageperc = _N/r(N)

// rescale wageperc
sum wageperc, meanonly
replace wageperc = wageperc/r(max) * .90

gen lower = t
gen upper = t + wageperc

bysort t wageclass : keep if runiform()<0.05 | _n==1

levelsof wageclass, local(K)
local width  = (`:word 2 of `K'' - `:word 1 of `K'')
twoway    ///
  || rbar lower upper wageclass,  graphregion(color(white))     ///
  fcolor(gs15)  barwidth(`width') horizontal  xlabel(68(5)88)   ///
  || line med q95 q5 ti, sort lpattern(solid..) lcolor(black..) ///
	legend(off) xtitle(year)  saving(b, replace) nodraw

twoway ///
	rspike ufence pct75 t , color(black) ///
|| rspike lfence pct25 t , color(black) 	///
|| rcap ufence ufence t , color(black) ///
|| rcap lfence lfence t , color(black) ///
|| rbar pct25 pct50 t, barwidth(.5) fcolor(gs15) lcolor(black) ///
|| rbar pct50 pct75 t, barwidth(.5) fcolor(gs15) lcolor(black) ///
|| line resq5hat resq95hat ti , sort lpattern(solid..) ///
 lcolor(black..) graphregion(color(white)) ///
legend(off) xlabel(68(5)88 , nolabel notick) ///
fysize(20) saving(b2, replace) nodraw

graph combine b2.gph b.gph, graphregion(color(white)) col(1)


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