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RE: st: Unknown number in constraints

Subject   RE: st: Unknown number in constraints
Date   Tue, 10 Mar 2009 10:40:36 -0400

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I have finished the estimation of the normal translog cost function system. The problem now is some new constraints including unknown numbers (never appear in the cost function system) need to be added. I have read some papers, but none of them was done by stata. So I am posting the problem here to see if anybody have done the same thing.


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If you Google "translog cost function" and Stata, you'll find links to a lot of work that has been done using Stata. Maybe you'll find something useful in one of those. If you do, email one of the authors.


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--- On Tue, 10/3/09, wrote:
So you mean use -nl to treat all those a system of
nonlinear equations, don't you?

I forgot to tell you that what I am donig is seemingly
unrelated regression (-sureg-). Does it affect the -nl-

I did not understand that you wanted to estimate a system
of equations. You can't combine -suest- and -nl-, and even
if you could, you could only use it to impose non-linear
constraints within each equation, not across equations.
It might be that somebody has already implemented the model
you are after, but that is very hard to assertain given the
information you have given us. If nobody has done so, you
will have to program it yourself using -ml-, and you'll
definately need the book I recommended earlier.

-- Maarten

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