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st: AW: ereturn list with xtivreg2

From   Davide Cantoni <>
Subject   st: AW: ereturn list with xtivreg2
Date   Tue, 10 Mar 2009 10:43:57 -0400

Martin, thanks for your reply.

Of course, I should have been more precise. I just mean the p-values
for the coefficient estimates. (Fifth column from the left in the main
output table, if I have to be even more precise)

Well, the issue is precisely that there is *no* "e(df_r)" in the
results saved in e() by -xtivreg2-.... So I would love to know what
all these results in e() mean.

Best, Davide

> <>
> What does "the p-value" mean? I see a couple of them in standard -xtivreg2-
> output, and the returned value " e(df_r)" certainly fits your description.
> You have to clarify your question, I am afraid...
> Martin
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> Betreff: st: ereturn list with xtivreg2
> Dear Statalisters,
> I have a very simple question: is there a way to find an explanation
> of what the various results saved in e() by -xtivreg2- actually
> correspond to? The official help file does not describe those, and
> while some are pretty standard, like e(r2_a), others seem to be
> specific to this command and their abbreviations are not immediately
> intellegible. (Specifically, I am searching for the residual degrees
> of freedom that are used when computing the p-value).
> Thanks,
> Davide

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