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st: 64 bit MySQL 5.1 ODBC driver for Mac OS 10.5.6

From   "Jackman, Rachael" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: 64 bit MySQL 5.1 ODBC driver for Mac OS 10.5.6
Date   Wed, 04 Mar 2009 11:56:54 -0800

Dear Statalisters,
I am new to Stata and this list, so I hope this is an appropriate question
for this forum.
I am trying to access a MySQL database from Stata 10.1, but am having
difficulty finding an appropriate ODBC driver.  I am using MySQL 5.1.31 on
Mac OS 10.5.6.  Unfortunately, at the moment, MySQL only puts out a 32 bit
version of this driver for Mac which is not compatible with Stata 10.1
(Stata 10.1 requires a 64 bit driver).  I have been looking for a third
party driver, but have not had much luck finding one that works.
Is there anyone using this configuration (or a similar one) who has found a
functioning driver?
Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Best wishes,

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