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st: combining frequency tables

From   Shehzad Ali <>
Subject   st: combining frequency tables
Date   23 Feb 2009 15:16:45 +0000

Hi listers,

Another (perhaps) simple question: is it possible to add different frequency tables together to form a combined single table in Excel?

I have two group variables (say, var1: type of treatment; and var2: time point of observation) and 5 use variables. So an observation would be for treatment A at time point 1. I want to know the number of missing values for each use variable for each treatment group and each time point. Also for each use variable there are 'if' conditions, so I can't do the frequency count in one go. Here is what I am doing using a user written programme -mdesc- or -missing-:

by treatment timpoint: mdesc use1 if (condition1 condition2)

by treatment timpoint: mdesc use2 if (condition3 condition4)

and so on.

Now I want to combine all these counts for all timepoints and treatment groups to get a single table that I can export to Excel. Is there any way I could do that?

Thank you,

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