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RE: st: RE: graph hbox with ylabel(angle())

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: graph hbox with ylabel(angle())
Date   Tue, 17 Feb 2009 11:50:58 -0000

My experiments match yours. It looks like a glitch in the -graph- code. 

You can do this something similar -- but not identical -- with
-stripplot- from SSC. 

There's also scope for hybridising box plots and strip plots to get over
some of the limitations of box plots. 

For example, 

sysuse auto
egen loq = pctile(mpg), by(foreign) p(25)
egen upq = pctile(mpg), by(foreign) p(75)
stripplot mpg, ms(none) over(foreign) box(barw(0.2)) addplot(scatter
foreign mpg if !inrange(mpg, loq, upq))

Although it's not in the code above, 

xla(, ang(45) labsize(small)) 

works with -stripplot- too. 


tess stafford

As far as I understand, ylabel for "graph hbox" refers to the x-axis,
which is the axis that I am trying to modify.  The angle suboption does
seem to work in over(var2,label(angle(45))), but this modifies the
y-axis labels and I am trying to modify the x-axis labels.

> The ylabel command for hbar is just label() and is a suboption inside
of the over() option:
> over(xxx, label(angle(forty_five)))

tess stafford

> With regards to the "graph hbox" command, I cannot get the suboption
"angle()" to work with "ylabel". A simplified version of my code is:
> graph hbox var1, over(var2) medtype(cline) medline(lcolor(none)) /*
> */ ylabel(2001.649 "Fa2001" 2002.422 "Sp2002" 2002.649 "Fa2002"
2003.422 "Sp2003",labsize(small) angle(45) grid)
> The "labsize()" suboption seems to work fine, but the "angle()"
suboption does nothing. When I change the code to "graph box" instead,
"angle()" works fine. Similarly, "angle()" works fine for the other axis
as in "over(var2,label(angle(45))). I don't understand why it won't work
for the ylabel.
> Does anyone see anything wrong with my code? If not, is this a glitch
in the language? Can we trick it into working? I know I can manually go
in and alter the angle of the labels once Stata has generated the graph,
but I will likely be making many of
> these graphs over different groups in the data and potentially
tweaking different aspects of them so it would be very time consuming to
have to continually manually alter them.
> I'm using Stata 10/MP, by the way.

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