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st: R: Average age at first occurrence analysis

From   "Carlo Lazzaro" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: R: Average age at first occurrence analysis
Date   Thu, 12 Feb 2009 10:27:16 +0100

Dear Andrew,
never heard about this topic of Survival Analysis (SA) before. Thanks for
pointing this out.
I suppose that you have already collected each and every existing reference;
anyway, googling for Weibull distribution I have found what below: distribution

David Collett. Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research, Second Edition.
Boca Raton: Chapman & Hall/CRC. 2003.
Regina Elandt-Johnson and Norman Johnson. Survival Models and Data Analysis.
New York: John Wiley & Sons. 1980/1999. 
Jerald F. Lawless. Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data, 2nd
edition. John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken. 2003. 
Terry Therneau. "A Package for Survival Analysis in S"., at: 
"Engineering Statistics Handbook", NIST/SEMATEK
SOCR Survival analysis applet and interactive learning activity.

For further details on SA, I will recommend you to take a thorough look at:
 Cleves MA, Gould WG, Gutierrez R. An Introduction To Survival Analysis
Using Stata. Revised edition. College Station: StataPress, 2006; [ST] Stata
manual. Survival analysis and epidemiological table. Release 9

Two other relevant contributors of the Statalist - Maarten Buis
(  and Stephen Jenkins
published really interesting papers as well as teaching-notes on SA topics.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.
Kind Regards,

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[] Per conto di Andrew John
Inviato: giovedì 12 febbraio 2009 1.47
Oggetto: st: Average age at first occurrence analysis

Please would any kind people suggest some stata commands that would allow me
to calculate estimated average times , using Weibull type models, with
particular emphasis on their use in case only designs. The only reference in
the stata list I can find is on the shared frailty model but most of the
sources I can find are on the Cox (proportional hazards) model.  There was a
very valuable paper by Boshuizen HC and Greenland S Int J Epidemiology 1997
26 4 867 Average age at first occurrence as an alternative occurrence
parameter which encouraged the development of suitable packaged software
allowing the fitting of these models  and an excellent but scary paper by
Wilk JB and Lash TL Emerging Themes in Epidemiology 2007 4:1 Risk factors
studies of age-at-onset..:a cautionary tale  which shows the methodological
and interpretative problems.  Prof Greenland has been kind enough 
to clarify for me what I need to understand.  What I would love to get as a
reasonably numerate medical epidemiologist ( but not someone who models bus
waiting times in greek numerals in my head (alas!) )is a good book or source
(lecture notes??)  with some worked commands in hopefully stata.  My work is
on data on kidney failure and transplant so it might even be helpful  to
some other people sometime!   Thanks very much for any replies. Andrew

Andrew J Brunskill,
University of Washington
Fellow in Epidemiology ANZDATA

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