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Re: st: Comments on replying to lists: statalist-digest V4 #3257

From   Richard Williams <>
To, <>
Subject   Re: st: Comments on replying to lists: statalist-digest V4 #3257
Date   Thu, 27 Nov 2008 09:38:30 -0500

At 05:20 AM 11/27/2008, Allan Reese (Cefas) wrote:
1) when posing a question, invite personal responses rather than all
comments going to the list.  You can (must!) later collate the responses
into one summary that will save every later user having to follow the
threads through the archive.

To the other objections that have been raised, I would add that sometimes people see what is wrong with other suggested solutions, or are inspired by them to come up with better ones. Also, seeing that 3 other people have already posted the suggestion I was going to make saves me from spending time on being the 4th.

It is an excellent idea to let people know what finally worked. Most people are good about that, but occasionally you are left wondering what the ultimate solution (if any) was. Also, people who do the work of scouring the archives find it much more helpful when there was a final answer.

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