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st: Problems with outreg‏

From   Roy Wada <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Problems with outreg‏
Date   Tue, 25 Nov 2008 11:48:44 -0800

>Hello all. I'm having a lot of trouble getting the 
>outreg and outreg2 commands to work in Stata (version 
>10.1). When invoking outreg, I always get the r(198) 
>error that says "obs must be between" and then 
>gives an arbitrary range (the lower bound of which 
>is twice the number of variables in the regression). 

I sometimes hear from people with unexpected Stata 
behaviors. It could be your machine, your Stata, or
your outreg command. It's like fixing a car. Replace 
a part until the problem goes away. Always start 
with the cheapest, i.e. reinstall the program.

ssc install outreg, replace

If this does not fix the problem, then you should 
reinstall your Stata from scratch. Stata rarely gets
corrupted, but it is known to happen. 
Because your problem cannot be replicated by other 
people, I am guess it's your Stata installation.
Reinstalling Stata takes some effort, so you probably 
want to send us a trace output like Martin suggested.

I am willing to take a look at the whole ugly thing if 
you send it to me privately.

You should restart your computer, and then start Stata 
and run the following codes.
Incidently, people wanting to report an error should 
consider generating a trace output like this, whether
you are reporting it to the Help Desk, the Statalist,
or the original author.


cap log close
set logtype text
log using myTrace.txt, replace
which outreg
which outreg2
cret list
set trace on
ssc install outreg, replace
ssc install outreg2, replace
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