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Re: st: svy and pweight postestimation tools

From   Steven Samuels <>
Subject   Re: st: svy and pweight postestimation tools
Date   Sat, 22 Nov 2008 21:48:40 -0500



-help logistic postestimation- will show you which commands are available after -svy: logistic-. The -esttat clas- command is not one of them in Stata 9 or 10. -predict- with a -residuals- option is valid in Stata 10.1 but not in Stata 9. You _can_ compute your own weighted survey -linktest- of fit.

predict hat, xb
gen hat2 = hat*hat
svy: logistic aepart hat hat2 //link test is the significance of phat2

You can also construct ROC Curves. Use -logistic- with fweights, the survey weights rounded to the nearest integer. See the thread at: .


On Nov 21, 2008, at 11:45 AM, Carissa Moffat Miller wrote:


I am conducting logistic regression for a complex survey design using Stata version 9. I have found in your past discussions and the user manuals that many postestimation tests are not appropriate with svy commands. I have not found discussion on classification tables and residuals and have been unable to get the following commands to work either with an svy command or by just using the pweights in Stata.

I have been able to get these to work in another software program using the weights, but I'm concerned it isn't appropriately applied. Can someone tell me: 1) if these tests are appropriate with complex survey data or just pweights, and 2) if so,what are the commands or where would I find them? or 3) if not appropriate, a reference I might cite?

(Note: The strata and PSUs, when analyzed separately, provide design effects almost equal to 1 so the effects in my model are almost entirely from the weighting. So, I could get results -except for standard errors - using just the weights.)

Cheers, Carissa

Syntax and error messages:

svyset APSU [pweight=FAWT], strata (ASTRATUM)
xi: svy: logistic aepart i.agecat i.Incomequ i.HIGHEDUC employed female urban

estat clas

{ERROR}: invalid subcommand clas

predict r, residuals
summarize r, detail

{ERROR}: option residuals not allowed

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