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st: RE: specifying range in forvalues

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: specifying range in forvalues
Date   Fri, 21 Nov 2008 18:20:10 +0100

Line for the server...

You can also have Stata evaluate expressions in the range specification...

loc a 1

forv i=`=`a'+1'/`=`a'+4'{
	di `i'


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[] On Behalf Of Jason Osterstock
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 5:17 PM
Subject: st: specifying range in forvalues

I am trying to count the number of pairwise values in a distance matrix that
are below a certain threshold. The distance matrices are generated for
consecutive time points and the number of observations at each time point
varies. I have tried to approach this by generating a distance matrix at
each time point using the first loop and would like to summarize the number
below the specified threshold in the second loop. To do that, I think I need
to generate new variables that provide the number of observations at the
time period of interest and then perform the counts in the second loop from
1 to X (where X is the total number of observations at that time point). The
problem is (I think) that you cannot reference another variable in
specifying the range in the forvalues statement. Is that correct? Does
anyone know of an alternative way to specify a range that changes at every
time period? Thanks in advance for the help.

forvalues TimeB=66416(1)66500{
	local TimeB1= `TimeB'+1
	egen byte n = anycount(TimeB), values(`TimeB')
	egen tn=total(n)
	minkowski var2 var3 if TimeB ==`TimeB', datamatrix(dat`TimeB')
distmatrix(dist`TimeB') id(asset)
	matrix list dist`TimeB'
	svmat dist`TimeB'
	local X=mod(tn)
	forvalues i=1(1)X{
		local i1=`i'+1
		count if dist`TimeB'`i' >0 & dist`TimeB'`i' <=10
	drop n
	drop tn
	drop dist*

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