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Re: st: Converting stata file to Mplus

From   "Stas Kolenikov" <>
Subject   Re: st: Converting stata file to Mplus
Date   Wed, 19 Nov 2008 15:48:02 -0600

Doesn't Mplus read text files? I did not think there was any need for
any such convertors at all. -outfile- your data, and then read them in
Mplus via "Data: File = filename.txt;", and I believe other options
such as Type = individual) are default anyway.

Better yet, write your own likeihood or Mata optimizer, and get the
estimators right in Stata where you can use them in -estimates-
commands, use -robust- option or -svy- settings. Or use -gllamm- for
mixed responses, nothing is better than -gllamm- for it.

On 11/19/08, <> wrote:
> Hi stata users,
>  I used stata2mplus command to convert a small stata file to
>  Mplus. However, when I open it in Mplus some of my variables
>  have very different descriptives stats (means and std dev).
>  I even coded all the .d, .r and .x in my original stata file
>  as simple missing values (.), so Mplus can read them as such
>  (-.9999), but still I have some variables with wrong values.
>  I also formatted the length of variables and set them to no
>  more than 6 digits (including decimals). That helped a bit,
>  but still a few variables were read incorrrectly.
>  Anyone knows how to correct this issue?

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