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Re: st: RE: RE: -graph twoway- and x-axis positioning

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: RE: -graph twoway- and x-axis positioning
Date   Tue, 18 Nov 2008 16:49:46 -0500

I think StataCorp in general should not decide what graphs
people _should_ make, and opt instead for maximizing what
they _could_ make.

I much prefer to do all of my graphs in Stata for all of
the reasons Scott gives, but too often (ie, at least once)
have found myself dumping the data to Excel to add or remove
some feature as determined by colleagues or (more often)
journal editors.


Nick Cox wrote:
So, it's a virtue if Stata can reproduce a lousy graph easy in Excel?
Don't answer that one.
Scott has meanwhile gone most of the way. His ticks could be made into
little rspikes.
Stephen P. Jenkins

The answer to Nick and Austin's opening questions is "yes" -- though I
strongly agree with their additional remarks about the general
undesirability of doing this (as my final sentence hinted).

The background: I am trying to persuade some sceptical colleagues to
change from using Excel for graphics to using Stata for graphics --
for reproducibility and audit trails, in addition to functionality and
'total control'.  I have been given a series of Excel graphs as
'challenges' by these colleagues, including one with this axis
feature.  This is the only thing that has beaten me so far.

Nick Cox
Do you mean you want ticks and x-axis labels superimposed within the
data region? I'd refuse to play, regardless of whether it can be done.

Austin Nichols
You want the ticks and labels moved into the inner plot region??
Seems like a bad idea, but you could write a little pre-processing
program to accumulate the necessary ticks (lines) and labels (text) in
a local.  Is it worth the effort?

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