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Re: st: about using spost.ado on stata 10

From   醫事室明傑ntu <>
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Subject   Re: st: about using spost.ado on stata 10
Date   Mon, 10 Nov 2008 08:08:21 +0800

sorry i forget memtion.
if using the stata9 is fine .

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Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 11:23 PM
Subject: Re: st: about using spost.ado on stata 10

At 09:00 AM 11/9/2008, =?big5?B?wuWoxqvHqfqzx250dQ==?= wrote:
hi :
i am a sata fresh  user .
and  i have a problem on sata 10 mp and o.
when i try to using  sample data
binlfp2.dta and
command is
logi lfp k5 k618 age wc lwg inc
prgen inc, from(0) to (100) generate(p30) x(age=30) rest(mean) gap(2)

a strange is come

binlfp2  had missing some variables .

I'm guessing you mean that the first 51 cases have values for the generated variables and everything after that is missing. This is because the generated vars are really more like a 2nd data set; the values aren't actually linked to the 51 cases. It is just that they had to put these 51 sets of values somewhere so they added them to the current data set. If you changed it to gap(1) you would find that the first 101 cases had values and the rest were missing.

Once you've got this stuff, you are supposed to plot it. See Long and Freese's book for details:

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