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st: 64-bit Windows OS advice

From   Jeph Herrin <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: 64-bit Windows OS advice
Date   Wed, 29 Oct 2008 09:29:00 -0400

My posts don't seem to be going through the last few days, but
I'll try again.

1. I've been using 64-bit XP for almost 2 years, and it has been
    rock solid. I have 16gb RAM, but since the OS was pre-installed
    I don't know if there were any detection issues.

2. I got a free Vista upgrade a few months after I got the machine,
    but I never bothered to install it. So no idea if Vista is any
    faster, but have heard it is a bit bloated.

3. I have had trouble with a couple of 32-bit applications, mainly
    HLM6; however the developer sent me a recompiled 64-bit version
    and that has worked fine. Most 32-bit apps run fine; I run 32-bit
    SAS without any trouble, and 64-bit Stata of course! However, if
    there is a particular 32-bit app you can't live without, make
    sure it works.

I'll just add that this 64-bit machine sits in the corner doing nothing
but number crunching, almost all in Stata. I suspect a lot of the issues
people have with 32-bit apps involve graphic intensive applications;
the people at XI tossed in a high end video card I didn't order (they
called me a couple of times to make sure I _really_ didn't want high
powered graphics on my high powered machine), but I've never really
tested it out with any demanding video games (because I don't have

Hope this helps,

> Hi
> First, thanks to Neil and Jeph for hardware advice in my search for a
> 64-bit machine.
> I have almost reached a decision but am still a bit stuck re: OS; I
> have been a user of Windows for many years; however, I have heard
> (actually mostly found on the web) enough anecdotes about 64-bit
> Windows (either XP or Vista) that I am looking for information from
> people who have actually used one or both; the main issues appear to
> be:
> 1. stability (e.g., crashes)
> 2. speed (not sure what this means but have read the 64-bit Vista, in
> particular, is "slow"
> 3. software, esp. 32-bit software; I have heard both of the
> following:
> 3.a. much 32-bit software will not run on 64-bit Windows
> 3.b. when the 32-bit software does run, I have heard of problems,
> including crashes and even apparently ridiculous effects (e.g., read
> where one person's registry expanded to 23 MB because everytime he
> ran 32-bit software (maybe one particular program) it added lines to
> the registry
> Any other issues/concerns?
> Advice or info from anyone with actual experience greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,

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