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RE: st: Re: Displaying mean in boxplot (weight & subgroup)

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: Displaying mean in boxplot (weight & subgroup)
Date   Tue, 14 Oct 2008 18:26:03 +0100

Good questions. 

Question 1. 

-stripplot- does not support two or more -over()- options. 

But I owe to Hermione Granger a trick that makes that less of a
limitation than it should be. (Economists and econometricians are
reminded that referring to this as the Granger trick may well be

Use an -over()- and -by()- in this way: 

stripplot mpg, over(foreign) by(rep78, col(1) compact note("")) ///
subtitle(, pos(9) placement(e) nobexpand bcolor(none) ring(1))  ///
box(bfcolor(ltblue)) scheme(s1color) ytitle(Repair record and car type)

Note that the -subtitle()- option is not a suboption of -by()-. 

Hermione would want me to emphasise that you have to get this just

Question 2. 

-stripplot- does not support weights. That is tacit in the help and
explicit in the code. 

As author, I have never wanted them to date. However, there is a clear
possibility that if you want -box- or -bar- information you would want
that to be based on appropriate weights. The best you can do at present
is either or both of 

* Cloning -stripplot- and adding them yourself to the code. 

* Calculating the required information upstream of -stripplot- and using
its -addplot()- option to show that, in the spirit of previous examples
in this thread. 


Aca N.T.

Some other questions came up in mind:
1. How to create such graph by another subgroup? This would look like
producing a conventional boxplot using -gr hbox var1, over(var2)
2. Is it possible to take weight into account when using stripplot?

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 4:01 PM, Nick Cox <> wrote:

> The second example, like the first, requires that -mean- exists as a
> variable first,
> e.g. from
> egen mean = mean(mpg), by(foreign)
> Thanks to Martin for the correction.
> Aca N.T.
> Thanks Nick, it works well. I didnt get any error message as Martin
> did..
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 5:12 AM, Martin Weiss <>
> wrote:
>> Is "mean" defined somewhere in this code? I get "r(111)" "variable
> mean not
>> found"...
> "Nick Cox" <>
>>> Example of orthodox box plot follows. N.B. that this requires prior
>>> installation of -egenmore- from SSC.
>>> sysuse auto, clear
>>> egen adju = adju(mpg), by(foreign)
>>> egen adjl = adjl(mpg), by(foreign)
>>> egen loq = pctile(mpg), by(foreign) p(25)
>>> egen upq = pctile(mpg), by(foreign) p(75)
>>> stripplot mpg, ///
>>> over(foreign) ms(none) box(bfcolor(ltblue)) yla(, noticks)
>>> ///
>>> addplot(rcap adjl adjl foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) ///
>>>   ||  rcap adju adju foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) ///
>>>   ||  rspike upq adju foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) ///
>>>   ||  rspike loq adjl foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) ///
>>>   ||  scatter foreign mpg if !inrange(mpg, adjl, adju), mcolor(navy)
>>> ///
>>>   ||  scatter foreign mean, ms(D) mcolor(navy)  msize(*2))
> Nick Cox
>>> One way to do this through marker symbols, as requested, is through
>>> -stripplot- from SSC.
>>> sysuse auto, clear
>>> egen mean = mean(mpg), by(foreign)
>>> stripplot mpg, over(foreign) box stack centre height(0.2) ms(sh)
>>> addplot(scatter foreign mean, ms(Dh) msize(*3))
>>> With more work, you can come arbitrarily close to more conventional
>>> forms of the box plot.
> Martin Weiss
>>> Admittedly, my earlier solution did not give you the dot you were
>>> looking
>>> for, but a reference line. If you have Stata 10, fire up the graph
>>> editor
>>> afterwards, use the -add marker- tool and place the marker onto the
>>> reference line. Then highlight the reference line and kill it...
>>> If -gr box- were part of the -twoway- family of graphs, one could
>>> imagine
>>> overlaying it with a -scatteri- to get the mean onto the graph more
>>> reliably
>>> than this...
>>>> **********
>>>> sysuse auto, clear
>>>> su price, mean
>>>> graph box price, box(1, fcolor(none)) yline(`r(mean)')
>>>> **********
> Aca N.T.
>>>>> Does anyone know how to put mean (preferably marked as dot) within
>>> the
>>>>> box using -gr box-?

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