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Re: st: RE: RE: symbol for ">=" in graph text box

From   "Eva Poen" <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: RE: symbol for ">=" in graph text box
Date   Mon, 13 Oct 2008 18:35:59 +0100


in case you are a latex user, you can use the psfrag package, which
allows you to replace arbitrary text in .eps files by latex code of
your choice, on the fly. E.g. you could have "xyz" in you graph where
you want the symbol to be, and then have \psfrag{xyz}{$\geq$} in your
latex document.


2008/10/13 Leny Mathew <>:
> True! Even hacking .ps doesn't work as if I open the .ps file as in
> notepad and change the symbol using the one from the character map, I
> still have to save it with ANSI coding. If I keep it as ANSI and force
> it to save, the ">' disappears and the "=" remains. It doesn't look
> like unicode is compatible with  .ps. I'll post a listing if I figure
> out a way to this.
> Leny
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 1:16 PM, Nick Cox <> wrote:
>> <>
>> No, "over" does not capture the = bit.
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>> Sent: 13 October 2008 17:40
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>> Subject: st: RE: symbol for ">=" in graph text box
>> Hitherto in such cases I have used the word "over".
>> Some people have saved to .eps and hacked the PostScript.
>> Otherwise I agree with your general drift that it would be very nice if
>> it were easier than it appears to be.
>> Nick
>> Leny Mathew
>>                          I'm trying to include the 'correct' symbol
>> for ">=" in the legend text box in a graph. Looking through the
>> archives, I found Nick Cox's article on inserting awkward characters
>> in stata which recommended using the 'char' command with the ASCII
>> codes. This would have worked, but the ASCII code for ">=" comes under
>> the extended list (code- 242) and this produces a different character
>> which corresponds to 242 in the ANSI list. It looks like ">=" doesn't
>> exist in the ANSI list!
>> Another option was to use the method suggested by David Harrison in
>> I could
>> modify the font that I was using by replacing a least used character
>> by the ">=" sign from the ASCII list
>> I ran into trouble with this as I couldn't replace a character with
>> the ">=" symbol.
>> Is there any easy way of doing this? I would think that the symbol for
>> ">=" would be commonly used in graphs and was under the impression
>> that this would be a simple thing to do!
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