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st: New version of WTPCIKR available for download via SSC

From   "P. Wilner Jeanty" <>
Subject   st: New version of WTPCIKR available for download via SSC
Date   Sun, 12 Oct 2008 20:45:24 -0400

Dear All,
Thanks to Kit Baum, -wtpcikr- is now available for download via SSC.
For contingent valuation models, -wtpcikr- computes mean and/or median
willingness to pay (WTP), confidence intervals (CI) based on the
Krinsky and Robb (1986) method, achieved significance levels (ASL) for
testing the null hypothesis that WTP<=0, and relative efficiency

I presented -wtpcikr- at NASUG 2007 in Boston, MA:

This updated version of the program shows two important changes.
First, a -saving- option is offered to allow users to save the
simulation results to a Stata data file (thanks to German Izon for
pointing out this need), which would be useful for applying the
Complete Combinatorial method, for example, to test whether difference
in WTP measures is statistically significant (See Poe et al., 2005).
Second, most calculated results are saved in local macros.

If you have not installed -wtpcikr-before, to install it, type in:
ssc install wtpcikr

If you have installed a previous version, type in:
ssc install wtpcikr, replace


P. Wilner Jeanty, Post-doctoral researcher
Dept. of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
The Ohio State University
2120 Fyffe Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210
(614) 292-6382 (Office)
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