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st: RE: RE: Re: Re: Displaying mean in boxplot

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Re: Re: Displaying mean in boxplot
Date   Sun, 12 Oct 2008 19:05:30 +0100

Example of orthodox box plot follows. N.B. that this requires prior
installation of -egenmore- from SSC. 

sysuse auto, clear 

egen adju = adju(mpg), by(foreign)

egen adjl = adjl(mpg), by(foreign)

egen loq = pctile(mpg), by(foreign) p(25)

egen upq = pctile(mpg), by(foreign) p(75)

stripplot mpg, ///
over(foreign) ms(none) box(bfcolor(ltblue)) yla(, noticks) pstyle(p1)
addplot(rcap adjl adjl foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) /// 
    ||  rcap adju adju foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) /// 
    ||  rspike upq adju foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) ///  
    ||  rspike loq adjl foreign, horizontal pstyle(p1) ///  
    ||  scatter foreign mpg if !inrange(mpg, adjl, adju), mcolor(navy)
    ||  scatter foreign mean, ms(D) mcolor(navy)  msize(*2)) 


Nick Cox

One way to do this through marker symbols, as requested, is through
-stripplot- from SSC. 

sysuse auto, clear

egen mean = mean(mpg), by(foreign)

stripplot mpg, over(foreign) box stack centre height(0.2) ms(sh)
addplot(scatter foreign mean, ms(Dh) msize(*3)) 

With more work, you can come arbitrarily close to more conventional
forms of the box plot. 


Martin Weiss

Admittedly, my earlier solution did not give you the dot you were
for, but a reference line. If you have Stata 10, fire up the graph
afterwards, use the -add marker- tool and place the marker onto the 
reference line. Then highlight the reference line and kill it...
If -gr box- were part of the -twoway- family of graphs, one could
overlaying it with a -scatteri- to get the mean onto the graph more
than this...

Martin Weiss

> **********
> sysuse auto, clear
> su price, mean
> graph box price, box(1, fcolor(none)) yline(`r(mean)')
> **********

Aca N.T.

>> Does anyone know how to put mean (preferably marked as dot) within
>> box using -gr box-?

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