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Re: st: Regoprob no observations

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Regoprob no observations
Date   Thu, 09 Oct 2008 10:32:12 -0500

At 09:43 AM 10/8/2008, Cesar Rodriguez wrote:
Hi Stata users,
I am trying to use REGOPROB with a balanced panel (no missing
observations) and I kept getting a message "no observations" as soon
as the iteration begins. So I am getting no output. I have six
exogenous variables and I am willing to let one with the npl option
(to relax the parallel assumption).

Does anyone know what might be happening?

Thanks a lot for any insight,

Without seeing the code or data, it is hard to say. I would suggest running another command with the same vars (xtreg or reoprob maybe?) and see if it also has 0 cases. My guess is the problem has more to do with your data and variable or case selection than with the specific command you are running.

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