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st: problem with spearman option: stats

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Subject   st: problem with spearman option: stats
Date   Wed, 08 Oct 2008 18:09:27 +0200

Dear statalisters,

I have a problem with spearman, perhaps because I use stata8:

I used spearman A B, stats (rho obs p) to display the correlation coefficient, number of observations, and significance level. But stata always says: options not allowed, r(101). What is wrong? Alternatively, it would help me to get a hint how to create tables for spearman (like outreg for regressions).

In addition, I got a rank correlation coefficient of 0.6 between variable "A" and variable "B". Now I would like to say: A has a correlation with B of 0.65, suggesting that A explains ?% of the variation in B. Does anyone know which command to use?

Hope someone can help me.

Silke Rottenberg

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