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st: check if string or numeric

From   Jacob Wegelin <>
Subject   st: check if string or numeric
Date   Mon, 6 Oct 2008 16:44:22 -0400 (EDT)

I would like to check for type of variable (string, numeric, etc) in a program, and then take action on the basis of the type. For instance, if it's string, I encode it; else I leave it as is.

The following klugey program seems to solve the problem *part of the time*. But certainly there is a more elegant way?

capture program drop checkIfString
program define checkIfString, rclass
di "check if `1' is string or numeric"
quietly tabulate `1'
local NobsRegardlessOfStringOrNumeric=r(N)
quietly summarize `1'
local NobsOnlyIfNumeric=r(N)
di "NobsRegardlessOfStringOrNumeric: `NobsRegardlessOfStringOrNumeric' and NobsOnlyIfNumeric: `NobsOnlyIfNumeric'"

if (`NobsRegardlessOfStringOrNumeric'>0) & ( `NobsRegardlessOfStringOrNumeric' == `NobsOnlyIfNumeric' ) {
return local type="numeric"

else {

if (`NobsRegardlessOfStringOrNumeric'>0) & ( `NobsOnlyIfNumeric'==0 ) {
return local type="string"

else {
return local type="not sure"


set obs 5
gen x=_n
gen y="a"
gen z=.
gen w=""


checkIfString x
return list
checkIfString y
return list
checkIfString z
return list
checkIfString w
return list

This seems like a FAQ but I haven't found the answer yet on the Web.

Thanks for any tips


Jacob A. Wegelin Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics
Virginia Commonwealth University
730 East Broad Street Room 3006
P. O. Box 980032
Richmond VA 23298-0032
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