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RE: st: Problem with ultraedit and comments

From   "Kieran McCaul" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Problem with ultraedit and comments
Date   Sat, 4 Oct 2008 09:08:37 +0800

Hi Beth,

I don't know about Textpad, but I can run the -global note_leader "Source: etc" line from Ultraedit.

This line will not work from the command line in Stata however.  This is because the /* and */ comment delimiters only work in do files, not interactively from the command line.


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Subject: Re: st: Problem with ultraedit and comments

Hi all
If anyone has some constructive suggestions on how to fix this issue
please let me know. I'm getting weird responses from 2 text editors
(ultraedit & textpad) that I have had years of success with and I'm
not sure where to troubleshoot.

**text pad (per info on Jeremy Freese's page which was simple to
follow and worked well for a long time)
 if I try to run a do file in batch from textpad I get the following
error message
my log (which has the familar ascii STATA and my serial number at the
top) then reads

 cd "Z:\Groups\CFST\sbproject\Data\surveys\Checkbox_2008\CFSTLeader\analysisdata"
unrecognized command:  cd invalid command name
In Ultraedit:  I have (in the past on this machine successfully) used
the procedures documented by Freidrich Huber but I get the error below
even if I simply copy (control C) and paste (control V) into the stata
command file from ultraedit

If I copy and paste the text below to the command line from ultraedit:
global note_leader "Source: CFST Leader Survey Spring 2008" /*footnote
to a series of graphs*/

I get this
invalid syntax

--for some reason it won't let me use comments in the from of /*  */ or ///
-I contend these comments are very  helpful if your code is very
long--it's nice to have comments on the same line as the text.

**Any suggestions?


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