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st: RE: iid draw from a truncated normal distribution

From   "Martin Weiss" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: iid draw from a truncated normal distribution
Date   Mon, 22 Sep 2008 15:10:53 +0200

This problem is difficult to comprehend. If you

vers 10.1
set obs 10000
g x =rnormal()*0.5
drop if x<-2 | x>2

you get a truncated normal at -2 and 2, with standard deviation of 0.5 (in the untruncated case). Most of the time the truncation will have no effect, though, as the minimum will be above -2 or the max below 2...


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Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 3:02 PM
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Subject: st: iid draw from a truncated normal distribution

I would like to create an iid draw form a truncated normal distribution
(on the left and right side) with standard deviation 0.5 (in the
untruncated case). I tried the following commands:

set obs 10000
gen c = -2  /*left truncation point*/
gen d = 2 /*right truncation point*/
gen stdv = 0.5  /*standard deviation*/
gen v = uniform()
gen c_bar = c/stdv
gen d_bar = d/stdv
gen v_bar = (normal(c_bar) + (normal(d_bar) - normal(c_bar))*v)
gen u = stdv*invnorm(v_bar)

This seems to work but it shifts the truncation points below 2 and
above -2. Has anybody an idea how I can get an iid draw (with standard
deviaton of 0.5 in the untruncated case) which does not shift the
truncation points?

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