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st: Fwd: STATA/ detectable difference

From   Steven Samuels <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Fwd: STATA/ detectable difference
Date   Wed, 17 Sep 2008 10:14:15 -0400

Elliot emailed me privately with the information that a Journal Reviewer asked for the "minimum detectable" difference. In this case, Elliot should give a set of plausible values, not just the observed sample value, for one of his proportions. So, if he observed p0_hat = 12% and p1_hat = 20%, he might use values p0 = 0.10 0.125 0.15 to compute minimum detectable risks.

Then he can state. "The minimum relative risks detectable in advance depended on the true proportion in Group 1. For assumed proportions of 0.10, 0.125, and 0.15, the corresponding detectable relative risks were: x, y, and z."


Begin forwarded message:

From: Elliott Dasenbrook <[email protected]>

I have submitted a manuscript and a reviewer requested that we provide "the minimum detectable difference that our study had the power to detect";

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