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RE: st: drop in 1925486/1 leads to: Obs. nos. out of range, r(198)

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: drop in 1925486/1 leads to: Obs. nos. out of range, r(198)
Date   Fri, 12 Sep 2008 18:45:47 +0100

If you -drop- the second part of the data, you can certainly -save- the
first part to somewhere else. But once you then -drop- the first part,
you are left with nothing and no scope to -save- anything anywhere. 

What version you have is immaterial here. Nothing can only be saved as
nothing, or not saved as anything, which is the same in practice. 

What you want to do may be more like 

drop in 1925486/l 
save part1
keep in 1925486/l 
save part2 

[email protected] 


I want to divide my data into two seperate files. So I would first like 
to use -drop in 1925486/1- to delete the last rows of the data and save 
the remaining part. Then I want to use -drop in 1/1925485- to delete the

first part in order to save the rest of the data in a second file.

Perhaps it does not work because it is version 8..

Eva Poen

> it should be  -drop in 1/1925486-, not the other way round. Or did you
> mean -drop in 1925486/l- ? Note the "l", for last, instead of "1".

> 2008/9/12 - <[email protected]>:
>> I use Stata Version 8 and do not know what I am doing wrong:
>> The command:
>> . drop in 1925486/1
>> leads to the following error:
>> Obs. nos. out of range
>> r(198);
>> Does anyone know what is wrong?

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