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st: Matrix query

From   Bob Fitzgerald <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Matrix query
Date   Thu, 04 Sep 2008 11:23:56 -0700

I have the following code which does not work and I'm stumped. Suggestions welcome.
Female is a dummy variable coded 0=male, 1=female.


levelsof female, local(name);
foreach l of local name {;

di "`: label (female) `l''";
ttest sri_lexile_scores_1 = sri_last_lexile_score if female==`l' & filter2==1;
mat b`l' = r(mu_1), r(mu_2), r(N_1), r(N_2), r(t) ,r(p);
matrix list b`l';

matrix filter2= b0\b1\;
matrix colnames filter2 = mean1st meanlast nfirst nlast t prob;
matrix list filter2;
mat2txt , matrix(filter2) saving(table 12rev paired ttests filter2 for excel.txt) append;
The program runs the ttests, shows the contents of matrices b0 and b1 at each step through the foreach loop, but fails with the following error message:

. matrix filter2= b0\b1\;
b1\ not found

yet b1 is created and the contents reflect the results of the ttest.

Thanks for any advice.


Robert Fitzgerald
Senior Research Associate
MPR Associates, Inc.
2150 Shattuck Ave. #800
Berkeley,CA 94702
(510) 849-4942
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