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The programming detail to get around is that -bootstrap- is using -qreg- to
display the results, but -qreg- does not recognize -bootstrap-s estimation

Here is a quick work-around:

	program myqreg
		version 10.1
		syntax [varlist] [if] [in] [, *]
		if replay() {
			_coef_table, `options'
		qreg `0'

We can verify that all is well with the standard bootstrap by comparing
-bootstrap: myqreg- results with -bsqreg-:

	. sysuse auto
	. set seed 12345
	. bs, reps(20): myqreg mpg turn
	. set seed 12345
	. bsqreg mpg turn

Alan can put the above definition of -myqreg- in an ado-file named

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