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st: RE: Tabout tutorial: Learning Latex, using Stata 9.2 in Leopard

From   "Kieran McCaul" <[email protected]>
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Subject   st: RE: Tabout tutorial: Learning Latex, using Stata 9.2 in Leopard
Date   Mon, 1 Sep 2008 08:26:47 +0800


Latex is a typesetting program that you need to have installed on your
There are many different ways of installing latex that depend on what
operating system you are running.

If you're using a Mac, have a look at:

The commands \usepackage{booktabs} and \usepackage{tabularx} go into a
.tex file that is read by latex.  The .tex file contains your document
and the latex instructions for typesetting it.

The lines of latex code that Stata generates would go into the same .tex


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Subject: st: Tabout tutorial: Learning Latex, using Stata 9.2 in Leopard

I am working on  reproducing the sample tables in the excellent 
tutorial file tabout_tutorial.pdf. My questions are:

1. Where should the files called top.tex and bottom.tex be saved?
2. The tutorial file says that " to reproduce the LATEX tables in 
this tutorial you will also need the following lines in your document 
	\usepackage{tabularx} "
What document does that instruction refer to?

3. Could anyone recommend a good tutorial filed in learning Latex?

4. Is Latex run within Stata,  or as a stand-alone program?

5.  After issuing a Stata command such as this below (copied from the 
-tabout- tutorial), a series of lines of Latex code are created. What 
do I do with those?

tabout foreign rep78 using table11latex.txt,  replace ///
c(mean mpg mean weight mean length median price median headroom) ///
f(1c 1c 1c 2cm 1c) ///
clab(MPG Weight_(lbs) Length_(in) Price Headroom_(in)) ///
sum npos(tufte) style(tex) bt cl2(2-4 5-6) cltr2(.75em 1.5em) ///
topstr(10cm) botstr(auto.dta)

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Michael McCulloch

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