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Re: st: Any way to annotate a Stata graph with LaTeX?

From   David Airey <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Any way to annotate a Stata graph with LaTeX?
Date   Mon, 25 Aug 2008 07:03:12 -0500


Yes, that would be nice. But doesn't unicode support have to be implemented first?


On Aug 25, 2008, at 3:52 AM, Richard Sperling wrote:

I don't think this message made it to the list the first time I tried
to post it. My apologies if it's a duplicate message.

Has anyone developed a way or method to incorporate LaTeX formatted
text into a Stata graph? It would be great if the Stata graph editor
had the capability to generate LaTeX formatted annotations. For Mac
users, I have in mind something along the lines of the program LaTeXiT
that allows one to add snippets of LaTeX text to Powerpoint or Keynote

Maybe I'm asking too much from Stata. Is this a feature that other
people would like to see? Just curious.


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