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RE: st: use of rologit

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Subject   RE: st: use of rologit
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Let me consult some references tomorrow---my dissertation was on a related probem. Otherwise see "the" Google. From memory, though, see:

-Fligner and/or Verducci, lots of articles. 

-John Marden, Chapman & Hall book on ranking models. His book has a summary of the literature to the mid 90s. (Marden was a committee member.)

-Fellow Illinois alum Albert Maydeu-Olivares (now at Barcelona), who has an article on the unrestricted Thurstone ranking model. (I can't recall the journal but he has all his reprints online.) This would require -gllamm- or -xtmelogit- in Stata.  

-See also the article by Sophia Rabe-Hesketh (and co-authors?) on ranking models on (or at least cited on) which was in Psychometrika a few years back. She probably has code.  

-Can -rologit- accommodate ties? You might be able to trick it that way. 

-In general though you usually have to map this kind of response to a mixed binary regression with a decidedly peculiar set of identification constraints. 


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Subject: st: use of rologit


A potential client asked for a form of analysis sometimes done in market 
research called maximum-difference (maxdiff) analysis.  Basically, 
consumers are presented with a series of product attributes (say, four 
at a time or a "quad") and then are asked to select the one they prefer 
the most and the one they prefer the least.  For a quad, the other two 
non-selected attributes just fall in the middle.  This is repeated 
several times with the attributes rotating following an experimental 
design.  Since the attributes are rated, I was thinking of using rologit 
to estimate a model.  But then I found a statement in the reference 
manual that says that "rologit does not allow for other forms of 
incompleteness, for instance, data in which respondents indicate which 
of four cars they like best, and which one they like least, but not how 
they rank the two intermediate cars."  But this is exactly my problem.  
Does anyone know how to trick rologit, or know of an ado file to handle 
this problem?




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