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st: Computing interaction effects after svy:heckman

From   "Joao Ricardo F. Lima" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Computing interaction effects after svy:heckman
Date   Tue, 12 Aug 2008 12:22:01 -0300

Dear Statalisters,

I'm using the heckman procedure with survey data. I have an
interaction term (yearsstudy_placelive) that is a product of a
continuous variable and a dummy variable. My model is

svy linearized: heckman lnincome age age2 years_study place_live
yearsstudy_placelive, select (ocup = age age age2 years_study
place_live yearsstudy_placelive race region) log

where place_live is a dummy (0=rural; 1=urban)

I�m using margeff, because it�s easy to calculate the total effect of
age. However, I actually don�t known how to calculate the effect of
the interaction term in the regression model. I only can use inteff
after probit or logit.

Then, I really appreciate an advice of how I can calculate this effect.

Thanks a lot,

Joao Lima
Joao Ricardo Lima

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