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Re: st: New to Stata - polling

From   Nick Winter <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: New to Stata - polling
Date   Fri, 08 Aug 2008 13:07:06 -0400

As others have mentioned, there is a lot out there that you can probably draw on to develop infrastructure for the sorts of analysis and reporting you do.

My usual approach for this sort of thing is to use Stata as the backbone -- from within Stata you can fully automate the process of loading data from a variety of sources (SPSS datasets, SQL and other ODBC databases, comma-delimited, fixed-width,etc.); doing standard analyses; and spitting out results in a form for your favorite presentation package (from HTML to LaTeX to Excel or whatever). Chances are that Stata won't produce your reports directly itself, but it sounds like SPSS isn't doing that either. But it is relatively straightforward to program it to send output to whatever target you want, in whatever form you want.

One of the big advantages I see in Stata for this sort of thing is the openness and relatively simplicity of the programming interface, and the extensive user community (and therefore user-written contributions) on which you can draw.

- Nick Winter

Dheeraj Chand wrote:


I work for a polling firm, and we're new to Stata. We've done most of our work in SPSS for almost a decade, now, and have developed highly idiosyncratic ways of using macros and Python to create our primary products for our customers: banner books, daily partials, regressions and various modeling projects. Call this the first round of requests for information.
1. Does anyone on the list use Stata for these purposes? 2. If so, is it standalone or in conjunction with other software?
3. If in conjunction with other software, which other sofware do you use and how do you divvy up the responsibilities?
4. Are there manuals or FAQ's available on how to transition from a primarily SPSS shop to an integrated or Stata alone shop for these products?

Thanks in advance,


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