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st: A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Second Edition

From   Michael Mitchell <>
Subject   st: A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Second Edition
Date   Thu, 29 May 2008 10:21:12 -0700


  I am delighted to say that the second edition of A Visual Guide to
Stata Graphics is now shipping. It was about a year ago that I started
the process of this creating this second edition by writing to the
Statalist asking for comments, suggestions, and feedback. Now, I am
pleased to bring this full circle to announce that this second edition
is available. As with the first edition, every page of this this book is
printed in full color, but this edition uses even better paper and a
better printing process making for super crisp color graphs.You can find
the details about this new edition by visiting

   A book like this is really a team effort, and I want to take this
chance to thank the team at Stata Press for their amazing contributions
and incredible support in creating this book, as well as Christine
Wells, Xiao Chen, and Phil Ender for their thorough comments and
suggestions on drafts of the book.

Happy reading,

Michael Mitchell

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