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st: Probit with nonlinear term

From   "Leda Inga" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Probit with nonlinear term
Date   Thu, 29 May 2008 00:03:52 -0500

Dear statalisters,

I'm running a probit model that has a regressor that is correlated
with the error term of the latent model. So I could use the ivprobit
command, but the problem is that this regressor also enters the model
with a square term (this is one of my hypothesis) and I'm not sure how
to deal with it.

I searched the statalist archives and found an email
where it was recommended to do the following:

ivreg2 y q (x xsquared = z xhatsquared)

xhatsquared: square of the predicted values of a first estimation of x
on q and z

But since this was for a continuous dependent variable and for the
case where y and x were simultaneously determined, I'm not sure if I
could use:

ivprobit y q (x xsquared= z xhatsquared), mle

Would this be correct? And would it also be valid if I used z^2, q^2
and q*z instead of xhatsquared?

Please, any help would be much appreciated.
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