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Re: st: Importing data from excel with multiple worksheets

From   Steven Dubnoff <>
Subject   Re: st: Importing data from excel with multiple worksheets
Date   Fri, 23 May 2008 10:55:26 -0700

I have  an excel file with many worksheets all of which contains same
set of variables but representing different states... is there an easier
way to stack all the excel sheets into one data and export it to stata?

The "Concatenate Worksheet Pages" option in Stat/Transfer was designed especially for problems such as this. To quote from the help:


The option Concatenate Worksheet Pages allows you to combine worksheet pages into a single output file. This option is appropriate if your worksheet contains many sheets that are identical in structure. These can be then be combined into a single output file of any type.

For example, you may have a workbook that has 50 sheets, with one sheet for each state and the same variables on each sheet. If you check this box, Stat/Transfer will effectively combine the sheets into one large input file, dropping the field names, if necessary, on the second and higher sheets. You will end up with the data from all of your worksheet pages in a single output file.



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