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Re: st: 64 bit Stata for the Mac

Subject   Re: st: 64 bit Stata for the Mac
Date   Thu, 22 May 2008 14:42:18 -0500

Phil Schumm <> asked:
> That's great to hear.  I presume that means that the 32-bit version  
> will also become a Cocoa app?

The 32-bit version will become a Cocoa app eventually but perhaps not
at the same time that the 64-bit version is released.  For the 64-bit
version, we're trying to duplicate the Carbon GUI with Cocoa as much
as possible, not make changes to it.  However, Cocoa and Carbon are
not functionally or cosmetically identical so there will be some
subtle differences (for example, the window snap feature is not
possible with Cocoa windows).  Even though these differences are
minor, we don't want to force any changes on users with no immediate
plans to switch to 64-bit.

FYI, if you're currently using Word 2004 or older, or any other application
that still uses the PICT format and cannot import PDF, you should
start looking at upgrading or other alternatives.  The PICT format, as
well as Quickdraw, have been deprecated and are not available in
64-bit Mac OS X.  This means that the 64-bit version of Stata for
Macintosh will have no support for the PICT format.  The 32-bit
version will continue to support the PICT format where possible.  The
preferred format, PDF, is already supported by 32-bit Stata for
Macintosh and will be supported by the 64-bit version.

-Chinh Nguyen
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