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RE: AW: st: maximum number of outcomes in mlogit

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: AW: st: maximum number of outcomes in mlogit
Date   Wed, 21 May 2008 13:38:18 +0100

I don't see why! No-one has made a convincing case for models with that
many categories. 

Richard Williams

At 05:38 AM 5/21/2008, Nick Cox wrote:
>I have no inside knowledge on this detail, but it wouldn't surprise me
>if that limit was based on simulations showing how far -mlogit- can
>deliver credible and intelligible results in reasonable time. StataCorp
>would want to protect users, and themselves, from results that were not
>defensible. That is the sort of thing they do a lot of.

It may also be protecting the user in that a Y with more than 50 
categories may have been specified by mistake, e.g. the user 
accidentally specified a continuous var rather than a categorical 
one.  I added limits to my own user-written programs precisely 
because a few people had made such mistakes.

Perhaps some sort of override option, e.g. maxcat(60), could be added 
in a future release of Stata.

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