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st: Permute, using seed option with cc command

From   Farren Briggs <>
Subject   st: Permute, using seed option with cc command
Date   Tue, 20 May 2008 14:16:39 -0700

Hi all,

I am using v9.2 and trying to permute results for a Breslow-Day test
statistic, however the seed option is not 'working', as I am unable to
exactly replicate the permuted p-values. I am trying test if the
distribution of variable Y is homogeneous across a binary variable Z,
given levels of X (binary), where X is permuted.

I have tried the following commands:

xi: permute X r(chi2_bd), reps(10000) nodots nowarn seed(171): cc Z
i.Y, by(X) bd
permute X "xi:cc Z i.Y, by(X) bd" r(chi2_bd), reps(10000) nodots
nowarn seed(171)

I have also tried setting the seed before the command, using:

set seed 171
xi. permute etc

Let me know if what I am trying to achieve is possible, or where am I
going wrong.


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