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Antwort: st: Prob with -rename-

From   Richard Ochmann <>
Subject   Antwort: st: Prob with -rename-
Date   Tue, 13 May 2008 10:43:06 +0200

set varabbrev off

should help. however, i agree that there should be a warning in case variable abbreviations are set on.

Rich schrieb: -----

An: <>
Von: "Martin Weiss" <>
Gesendet von:
Datum: 13.05.2008 10:03AM
Thema: st: Prob with -rename-

Dear Statalisters,

I am currently dealing with a nasty problem. Try the following:

set obs 100
g x14 = 0
g x2=5
rename x1 x90

The last -rename- simply hijacks variable x14  and renames it x90. If I
wanted this behavior, I would say -rename x1? X90-. Should -rename- not
alert me to the fact that there is no such variable?

Martin Weiss

Diplom-Kaufmann Martin Weiss
Mohlstrasse 36
Room 415
72074 Tuebingen

Fon: 0049-7071-2978184




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